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What is the European directive MiFID II for?

Given the complexity of financial markets and products, the European Union has been developing a legal framework since 2007 to regulate investment mechanisms for investors.

What is the crux of the legal provisions? Greater transparency and better investor protection.

The directive known as MiFID II, which enters into force on 3 January 2018 (as of 26 November 2017 – the implementation date for MiFID II at BGL BNP Paribas), will strengthen existing protection measures and ensure greater transparency with regard to services provided and fees charged.

Your Investor Profile, the cornerstone of your investments

We determine your Investor Profile on the basis of your answers to a series of questions outlining your knowledge and experience of financial instruments, your investment objectives and your capacity to absorb losses. Your Profile is determined according to whether your risk appetite is low, moderate, advanced or high.

What will change for you

Greater protection with regard to investment advice

  • A re-assessment of your Investor Profile* in order to take changes in your personal circumstances into account
  • Checks to ensure that our services and products meet your needs
  • For each investment transaction, the bank will assess the suitability of the transaction against your risk profile and portfolio

Greater transparency

  • An increased obligation to inform the client about the costs and charges linked to investments
  • A calculation of your fees and their impact on your portfolio’s performance

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