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The Luxembourg Financial Center

Our services give you access to one of the biggest financial centers in the world, located in the heart of the European community.

Luxembourg is a relevant financial centre de référence, ideally located at the heart of Europe. It is the leading private banking centre in the euro zone and the second-largest financial centre for investment funds behind the USA. Its international outlook and political and social stability have attracted investors from across the world.

The advantages of the Luxembourg Financial Center

  • Economic and political stability
  • Rigorous framework for banking relationships

Should you require advice or further information

Thanks to its expertise, the Luxembourg financial market is able to offer bespoke services to an international clientele with specific financial and investment needs.

Thanks to constant dialogue between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the legislator and the private sector, the country has a stable legal and regulatory framework that is flexible enough to adapt to market developments. The financial market also applies strict anti-money laundering rules.

Luxembourg’s legal framework, coupled with its openness to the world, have attracted numerous international banks, as well as insurance companies, specialist service providers and investment fund sponsors.
With a strong multi-lingual culture (the country has three official languages) and a qualified workforce, the Luxembourg market is well placed to serve clients from all over the world.

This framework ensures the solidity of the financial market and guarantees optimal protection of private life and investor rights.

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