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Mastercard Gold, Platinum and Elite credit cards

They are accepted and recognised across the world for your payments and withdrawals.

  • You have access to your money anywhere in the world
  • Insurance and assistance for the holder and family
  • Use up to € 4,000 per month

Should you require advice or further information

Attached to your International Multi-currency account, Mastercard Gold, Platinum and Elite credit cards not only make it possible to pay anywhere in the world and on the Internet but also allow you to benefit from:

  • An extensive range of insurance and assistance: it covers you and your family everywhere in the world (travel, repatriation, medical assistance, etc.).
  • Broad coverage of your home in the event of an incident: Home Emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • A concierge service available with Platinum and Elite cards.
  • Premium benefits benefits and loyalty programme to access permanent benefits in the areas of travel, culture, food, sport and well-being and attendance of unique events.

Compare Mastercard Gold, Platinum and Elite

  • The attribution of Mastercard Gold, Platinum and Elite cards is subject to approval by BGL BNP Paribas management.
  • Use of the card requires a minimum balance at the opening of an account and a permanent minimum savings balance. Below this pre-determined threshold, use of the card is suspended until the account is topped up again.

You can find all the usage conditions and insurance and assistance offered by Mastercard credit cards at bgl.lu

See the timetable of monthly closing dates for Mastercard credit cards.

Loss or theft of your card?

Contact the following number immediately to block your card: (+352) 49 10 10

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