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Direct Invest+ International: supported management

Direct Invest+ International is the service tailored to private investors wishing to benefit from personalised advice and investment recommendations from a specialist, while also retaining control over the management of their portfolio of transferable securities.

  • A team of specialists to advise you

  • Effective international cash management
  • Accessible for investments of EUR 50,000 or more

Should you require advice or further information

Receive tailored advice

Direct Invest+ International offers you a personalised service. Your financial advisor makes recommendations taking into account your objectives and investor profile. They rely on analyses provided by the BNP Paribas Group’s equity and fund selection specialists to identify the best financial investments for you.

Effective international cash management

An international multi-currency account in the currency of your choice and linked to an international credit card.
This account allows you to access your cash at any time, while benefiting from an insurance and assistance package. You can also make free transfers abroad.

A wide range of financial investments

You will have access, inter alia, to a platform of over 30,000 investment funds and equities listed on the largest international markets. View all our products here.


Enjoy preferential terms on equity and bond brokerage, as well as on entry fees on all available investment funds.

By becoming a client, you will have access to essential tools to help you manage your portfolio.

A secure access to the BGL BNP Paribas Direct Invest website and the Web Banking app :

  • Place your stock markets and make transfers between your accounts or to another bank
  • Use our secure messaging service to contact your personal financial advisor directly
  • Display a complete portfolio view (asset allocation, currency, performance etc.) and browse the summary of your bank accounts
  • Every month you will receive an overview of your portfolio via secure messaging.
  • Get real-time information on over 20 international financial markets.

Conditions and rates :


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  • Manage your multicurrency account remotely

  • Choose from a wide array of financial investments

  • Place your international stock market orders

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