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Professional Partners: a personalised solution

We provide financial sector professionals (financial advisors, third party managers, independent brokers, referral agents, etc.) access to a dedicated team of financial advisors tasked with offering advice and support in your professional field: investment strategy, personalised advice, implementing dedicated solutions tailored to your clients’ investment objectives, administrative assistance, etc.

Advantages of BGL BNP Paribas Direct Invest:

  • A clear and customised trailer fee barometer
  • Open architecture with a wide array of investments to choose from
  • Local advice from a qualified team

Should you require advice or further information

We offer a range of financial instruments and vehicles with a view to enhancing and managing your clients’ assets through a comprehensive range of banking services aimed at your clients. Our solution is available on initial investments of EUR 50,000 or more.

International Multi-currency Account

This account enables you to manage your clients’ wealth flexibly in the currency of their choice (EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF, JPY, etc.). Offer your clients the opportunity to benefit from an international credit card enabling them to make purchases and withdraw cash from anywhere in the world.

Stock Market Service

You will have access to equities and bonds listed on the major international stock markets(Paris, Brussels, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, NYSE, NASDAQ, etc.) and advice from our specialists. Orders may be placed over the phone (conversations are recorded) or via our e-PBK portfolio management tool (only available to third-party managers). Your independent clients will be able to place orders via our website.

The Funds Shop

You will have access to a platform of over 30,000 investment funds managed by the best international mangers. On the website, you can make use of a wealth of data relating to the funds to inform your investment decisions (currency, risk level, asset class, sector, geographical region, rating, performance, etc.).

Term deposit

Offer your clients a secure, short- or long-term financial investment. Term deposits are available in 12 currencies with maturities ranging from 1 week to 12 months, with guaranteed returns at maturity.

Luxembourg life insurance

Offer your clients the chance to benefit from a tailored tool for retirement and estate planning. Life insurance policies adapted to the client’s nationality and country of residence are available. These policies enable your clients to invest in three multi-currency vehicles: general funds, internal funds, multi-vehicle products.

By becoming a partner, you will have access to essential tools to help you to guide your clients in their portfolio management.
Secure access to the BGL BNP Paribas Direct Invest website:

  • The website is available in three languages : English, French and German.
  • You can use a secure messaging service to contact your personal financial advisor directly.
  • You can also monitor the performance of your clients’ assets 24/7 in a secure environment, provided that an information mandate is in place on the client’s account.
  • Every month, you will receive an overview of your portfolio via secure messaging, as well as a report covering the portfolios of each of your clients.

Get real-time information on over 20 international financial markets.

You can take the preliminary account opening steps online : this new service enables your clients to complete the on-boarding process online.

How to become a partner?

There are several simple steps to becoming a partner.

  • Simply fill out a few forms (that will be sent to you by e-mail) and attach the necessary supporting documents. The entire account opening procedure can also be completed remotely.
  • Approval is granted based on references attesting to the partner’s trustworthiness and professionalism.

To find out more and receive information on the entire account opening procedure, please contact us directly by calling (+352) 42 42 4004 or by e-mail

Professional Partners service :

Le service Professionnal Partners

Fee schedule brochure:

Le service Professionnal Partners

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