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Web Banking

Your Customer Area has been modernized to create Web Banking: explore it and get your bearings in this new space.

Should you require advice or further information

Consult all the financial information so you can invest with full knowledge of the facts and place your stock market orders. You can also monitor the evolution of your securities portfolio and update your investor profile under the European regulations for protecting and identifying investors (Mifid II)

  • Use the “Portfolio” menu to view all your securities portfolios and buy or sell securities. The Porfolio is composed of several sub-menus: Positions, Performances, Order book, Order history.

  • Use the “Market” view to find all information on financial markets sorted by financial instruments (shares/indices, funds, bonds, currencies, raw materials and ETF) or by indices. You can also search for a security using its name or ISIN code.

  • In the financial instruments tabs, you can buy and sell securities, currency, etc.

Manage your multi-currency accounts and securities easily with several features.

  • When you log in, you go directly to the “dashboard” which displays the balance of your account(s) and the last 3 transactions on your accounts and your cards. Click on the account or card to access your transactions.

  • The “accounts” tab displays all the details of your accounts and securities accounts. To view the activity on an account, just click on the account that interests you.
    Do you want to know the value of your accounts in another currency? Click on “Account currency” above the balances of your accounts.
    To access the account information (characteristics, Bank ID, rapid transfer from the account) click next to the account.

  • The “Payment” menu gives you direct access to single or permanent transfers. Your last 3 transfers entered, the next permanent transfers and the last 3 beneficiaries used are displayed.

  • The dashboard provides you with a shortcut to your Documents.

  • The “Contact” menu can be used to make contact with your financial advisor and to find useful contact numbers of the Bank.


  • Summary of your bank accounts
  • International transfers
  • Secure messaging

New! Now you can place your stock market orders!